Steampunk Dress

Steampunk dresses for an alternative wardrobe.

For its collection, SteampunkStore has remained true to its values, the Victorian style. With a nod to the Victorian era, Steampunk dresses address all themes:

  • A lady of the court with the famous Victorian dress complete with a hoop skirt (crinoline).
  • The fearsome pirate with a Corset Dress that compresses your chest and may hide a musket in the petticoats.
  • A rich dillettante from the Roaring Twenties with feathered hat, retro glasses and reversing ball gown.
  • The time traveler with belts and leather accessories for a bluffing Steampunk look.

Lace dresses mixed with leather bring out the contrast between the hard and the soft, very popular in the current Steampunk fashion. Finally, Steampunk women and girls combine the best of traditional or neo-victorian Steampunk style for a complete and affordable outfit.

Crafted with attention to detail, short or long, plain or printed, retrofuturistic dresses have that fantastic, vintage touch that will make you unique.

What pieces should I associate with my outfit?

With its collection of dresses, Steampunk Store has thought of all occasions and all fashion desires. Bet on the Corset Dress, accompanied by a pair of pumps, for an elegant and sophisticated outfit.

Whatever your style, your budget and your creative skills, these Steampunk dresses and Steampunk suits for women are sure to take you on your next adventure. Buy other steampunk clothes and accessories for a consistent and unique look.

In everyday life, the Vintage Dress is the ally of the office days. Associated with accessories, jewels or a beautiful jacket, the Steampunk Dress sublimates the silhouette from morning to evening.